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Respoke Permissions

Full API permissions are obtained by POSTing your username and password to [base]/adminsessions.

Respoke App Auth Sessions

Your users authenticate to Respoke using an App-Token obtained when they POST your tokenId to [base]/appauthsessions.

Respoke Apps

Create an app.

Respoke Roles

Create roleId and roleName for creating tokens.

Respoke Session Tokens

An end-user client posts a tokenId from POST [base]/tokens to authenticate to an app as endpointId.

Respoke Tokens

Get an access token tokenId for an end-user.

Respoke Tokens

By using the App-Secret header, you can perform API calls to obtain Respoke sessions for your users via POST to [base]/tokens. App-Secrets are found in the Dev Console.

Respoke Turn

Get TURN credentials.

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